Friday, May 15, 2009

Opportunities For Service

I've been pretty much burning the candle at both ends lately, serving as pulpit supply at our church while the pastor is on vacation as well as serving another congregation outside of our denomination. But in spite of having more than enough to keep me busy I was pleasantly surprised when I received Ms. Judy's e-mail about meeting with our D.S., Rev. Joe Fort and Pastor Larry Roberman for a brainstorming session aimed at jump-starting Lott U.M.C.

I've never kept it a secret that I have a passion, not just for keeping the doors open to prevent another church closure, but reviving these old churches to become the beacons of hope and faith in their prospective communities as I believe our Lord intended. So, the news of our district leadership's concern and proposed involvement of our CLMs was just about the best thing that I've heard all year! This is an excellent opportunity for the CLMs to come together as a team and perform the service that they were called to
and provide the witness of authentic Christian action through their efforts.

My hat is off in salute to the vision of our district leadership and I sincerely hope to see everyone at the proposed meeting when it is announced.

- Peace and Blessings -

Friday, May 1, 2009

Something that I've been wanting to share with our group for some time is a monthly publication by Barbara Wendland, a United Methodist layperson who lives up in Temple. The current issue includes a testimony from Julie Fuschak and her church experiences that you might find interesting. I invite you to check it out using the link provided below: