Monday, August 17, 2009

August 9th Taskforce Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Pastor Larry Roberman, Betty Willi, Mort and Kathy Kothmann, Pat Baker, Calvin Wood, and Eric Dehmer

Immediately following a sumptuous lunch provided by Ms. Betty, Pat Baker opened the meeting with prayer at 12:35 PM and began updating the team on the Lott Prayer Walk scheduled later this month on the 29th. We are planning to meet for lunch at the church and break into teams following our assignments to various parts of town. A total of 10 people will be required to adequately staff this enterprise. Calvin Wood offered to supply the nametags to identify participants as volunteers for Lott UMC.

Prayer request forms will also be printed out and made available through the volunteers for residents who wish to mail in their prayer requests to the church.
Discussion then shifted to the subject of worship. It was agreed by the consensus of the team to move the time of worship service to 10:00 AM with Sunday School at 9:00. As weekly services have resumed and Sunday evening services will begin Sept. 6th it was agreed that advertising these changes in the local newspaper(s) would be appropriate. Pastor Larry and Rev. Thomas Q. Robbins have volunteered for this task. Additionally, Pastor Larry and Kathy are sharing responsibilities for preparing worship bulletins, depending on the need for pulpit supply. Kathy is also scheduling CLM candidates as needed for same.

Having visited Mooreville UMC that morning, Eric shared how that church had mounted their successful canvassing campaigns and passed around a brochure about the church. After some discussion it was agreed to produce a bi-fold brochure for Lott UMC which would include a bio of Pastor Larry, a brief testimony from Ms. Betty, and a brief church history to be furnished by Eric. Pat will serve as editor and Calvin has volunteered to publish the brochure. The Community Canvassing event has been rescheduled for noon, September 26th following the publication of the church brochure.

Kathy and Pat volunteered to pursue obtaining a sign for the front of the church. Pastor Larry closed the meeting with prayer at 1:47 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Dehmer
Recording Secretary


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